ATL Scooters closed as of December 17, 2008

Wait so you're NOT ATL Scooters? You may have noticed AMR is located at the former ATL Scooters location, to explain what happened, here are some words from the ATL Scooters former staff:

Issues that came up
We had a great year until the fuel shortage hit Atlanta. At that time our store went from a summer average of selling more than 70 scooters per month to only 2 scooters per month.

To compound the problem, some banks began to call in loans on merchandise that was floored (financed). When DSC (Dealer Service Corp) called in the loan on 52 bikes, ATL Scooters could not survive.

To complicate things even more, banks that granted loans for the Power Sports industry ceased their consumer finance programs. When GE Finance (Monogram bank) pulled out, that reduced the number of potential customers who would be able to purchase a scooter.

Still optimistic Matt, owner of ATL Scooters, decided to close the original store on Ponce De Leon and move retail into the Inman Park location where service, shipping and receiving were already located.

Unfortunately it was not enough and it was too late.

- ATL Scooters staff

Atlanta Motorcycles & Repair

Atlanta Motorcycles & Repair (AMR) was then formed, owned and operated by Chris (former service manager of ATL Scooters) and Paul (former lead mechanic). Even though ATL Scooters has gone out of business, you still have a place to bring your motorcycle or scooter to be repaired and serviced.

Services offered by AMR include repair and service of any make or model scooter, motorcycle, or moped. We are in the process of transferring warranty agreements of those bikes sold through ATL Scooters. Contact us for more information regarding your warranty.